IT Products to Help Ensure the Safety of Your Business

Business Solutions strives to cover the various necessities of information technology in order to assure that its consumers are protected. As Springfield’s premier managed service provider, an array of amenities are provided for businesses to utilize and ensure digital safety.

Such managed services include routine checkups for contracted companies that involve examinations of network status, backup solutions management and software update inspection. This principal offer is suggested, but not limited to companies lacking an IT department.

Veeam Backup Solutions

In addition to regular system assessments, Business Solutions also stresses an importance in Backup Solutions. Backups may be done on-site, or off-site via cloud server. Replication services are also available to allow the utmost protection. Backup solutions are carried out using Veeam, of which Business Solutions is a silver pro partner.

Accounting Products

Business Solutions also provides a handful of software applications that allow businesses to experience features produced by professional developers. Such applications include Sage 100 (formerly known as MAS 90), an accounting software program. Additionally, Business Solutions supplies the ever-predominant office suite, Microsoft Office. Lastly, various cloud application hosting is provided to satisfy the demands for an increasingly prevalent virtual business realm.

Storage Products

Storage is yet another managed service provided with features such as off-site data archival and collaboration through shared documents. Business Solutions utilizes the use of a storage area network (SAN), which allows for enhanced security over stored content. These abilities are carried out through EMC, a storage provider and business partner of Business Solutions.

Threat-Management Products

Furthermore, physical and virtual Unified Threat Management (UTM) are provided through firewall. Firewall features include security protection, email spam sifting and web content filtering. As a gold level WatchGuard partner, Business Solutions strives to deliver the maximum level of protection and security for its customers.


As for servers, traditional (physical) and remote cloud-based infrastructure are available. Server implementation is provided through VMware, a core enterprise level partner of Business Solutions.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems and Workstations

Yet another obtainable feature is the application of a physical and/or cloud-based phone system using VoIP PBX Systems, a licensed product available through Business Solutions.

Moreover, desktop and laptop workstations are may be allocated, as well as virtual desktops that may be used on-site or through cloud-based software.

Lastly, infrastructure switching and routing is provided by Cisco, an additional premier partner of Business Solutions.

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