About Us

Business Solutions, a management consultant firm founded in 2005, serves clients around the country in all areas of accounting and technology. With a key core value of service and client commitment, Business Solutions is able to keep this in the forefront of the business strategy.

Business Solutions has set the bar for excellence and value for their clients by delivering focused strategic and tactical results across accounting services and technology—leveraging the strongest accounting and managed services network in the business. Business Solutions values thought leadership and strategic direction they have established within the industry.

Business Solutions has been the recognized leader in Accounting/Technology, SaaS, Cloud computing, software, and service/consulting delivery models. Our value-focused solutions allow customers to reap the combined benefits of our Expert Team, alliance partners, and our unique ability to deliver a cross section of insights, perspectives, and specific knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere. Business Solutions, is the one-stop full-service solution center for all your technology and accounting management solutions and needs.


Executive Team