Disaster Recovery



Business solutions offers full Disaster Recovery (DR) for your VMware Environments without the need for a full DR buildout.  With a small monthly hosting fee, you can have full DR recovery without the capital expenditures in duplicating your DataCenter.  With Business Solutions Disaster Recovery, your online data is protected when tragedy strikes.  Disaster Recovery allows protection for up to 500 online servers per subscription, making sure that all of your files are backed up and are guaranteed protection.

Additional features include:

  • Full synchronization
  • Fail back-ability
  • Allows virtual machines in vSphere to be easily configured for disaster recovery
  • Removes traditional dependencies on underlying infrastructure hardware or data center mirroring
  • Provides per-virtual-machine replication and restore granularity
  • Optional private leased line networks can carry replication traffic between your primary data center and DR sites up to 1Gps.

Contact Business Solutions at 417-763-3707 or fill out a contact sheet on our website to begin seeking assistance.