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At Business Solutions, clients come first. An integral part of our mission is creating long-lasting client partnerships by identifying our clients’ needs and providing managed service solutions that support their success. Making sure your company is protected from potential security threats is an essential procedure in preserving the longevity of your commerce, and we want to help make sure that you are able to do business for a long time. Managing technology is an essential but difficult task for many businesses. Our goal is to relieve our clients of that burden by utilizing our years of field-proven IT expertise for their benefit. We take away the headache of supporting your IT environment at small and medium costs that businesses can afford. Our services cover a wide degree of security necessities, but all serve as an important piece in defending your network.

Network Monitoring

A prime feature of Business Solutions’ managed services program includes tracking the performance of your network. Our IT experts examine your company’s bandwidth, suspicious errors and other potential symptoms to help ensure that your servers are operating properly and securely.

Cloud-Based Managed Services

Not only is Business Solutions able to provide backup and security needs for your company, but we are able to do it virtually through our cloud-based servers. This allows our IT experts to monitor your network status over the cloud while also providing off-site backup abilities to further ensure the safety of your data.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, Business Solutions has you covered with a full backup of your online data. Our disaster recovery managed service covers up to 500 servers per subscription, essentially assuring that the entirety of your company information will be recovered if tragedy strikes.

Managed Anti-Virus Solutions

Business Solutions’ managed anti-virus services are monitored during all hours of the day to help sustain a secure environment for your network. This process further reduces costs and helps avoid errors due to its automation, providing additional IT expertise to safeguard your organization.

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Operating as your virtual IT staff, we can design/re-design and maintain your IT infrastructure to be highly functional, reliable and stable. Taking the necessary steps to preserve your network safety and enable a backup plan are important components in assuring the long-lasting abilities of your business. Contact Business Solutions of Springfield, MO, today at 417-763-3707 for more information about managed services options and to start protecting your company.