Software-Defined Data Center




We have expanded the cost and operational benefits of server virtualization to the entire data center, including network, security, storage and management. We’ve added comprehensive and advanced management and automation capabilities to the industry leading virtualization platform for an infrastructure that can quickly adapt to changing conditions based on performance, application needs and user demands.

Business Issue Problem Probing Question
– IT unable to meet Business units’ demand for speed and agility; IT must drastically streamline operations and implement cloud services to retain control of enterprise computing environment. – Are you confident that your people and the processes in place today are not inhibiting your operational results?
– Current operational practices are lacking or incomplete; staff is often challenged to meet requests in a timely fashion. – Would an analysis of your current environment help you understand where and what to change and why?
– Unable to scale cloud environment due to lack of clear plan, roles, responsibilities, and SLA with business units. – Do you have confidence that your investments in people and process are adequate and meeting your current business needs? How do you know? What are your key operational measures of success? Are they the same or different for cloud computing?
– Automation tools implementation stalled due to lack of clear processes and procedures. – Do business users expect their internal user experience to be similar to what they experience from public cloud providers? Is your organization able to perform at that level?
– Business units are depending on cloud providers to circumvent IT, making a comprehensive cloud strategy a high priority. – Are you clear on IT’s roles and responsibilities to deliver cloud computing in your organization? Have you communicated those definitions and SLAs to your lines of business? Would a prioritized plan of critical operational changes be helpful to you?
-More automation to rapidly deploy solutions is required to provision and operate internal services to replicate cost, SLA, and experience of external providers. – Do you think you would benefit from leveraging VMware’s experience with cloud computing?